Consulting: Captioning & Subtitling

  • Captions provide missing information for individuals who have difficulty processing speech and auditory components of
    the visual media (regardless of whether this difficulty is due to a hearing loss or a cognitive delay).
  • Captioning is essential for viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing, can be very beneficial to those learning English as a second language, and can help those with reading and literacy problems.
  • Captioning has been related to higher comprehension skills when compared to viewers watching the same media without captions.
  • Captions assist in learning content-relevant vocabulary (in business, science, technology, and other subjects) – viewers see both the terminology (printed word) and the visual image.
  • Captions help make your video content easier to find on the Web through search engines.
  • Captions give you the option of adding language subtitles, making your video content accessible to any language audience you desire.

Learn how you reach more people with captions and subtitles: