Since our new technology WaveFont provides an intuitive representation of intonation, pauses and pronunciation of words, many applications benefit from this unique representation of meta-information:


Many people learning a new language have trouble doing the intonation and accentuation in a right way. WaveFont allows to illustrate intonation and accentuation in software and books for language learners.




Language Learning

  • Poetry


Subtitles on television screens are very popular in places with either a lot of background noise (in the gym, on stations, at the airport) or where different programs are simultaneously broadcasted (in sports bars where several football games, baseball games or basketball games are shown). They are switched on in the gym, in sports bars, on stations, at the airport and other places. While a static subtitle does not transfer the TV hosts emotion, WaveFont subtitles and closed captions — reflect the hosts admiration and enthusiasm.





  • Subtitles
  • Subtitles for Movies
  • Subtitles for Anime
  • Subtitles for Television


People love texting — be it on the smartphone, on Twitter, during gaming, etc. Additionally, using automatic speech recognition to automatically generate the text message and sending voice messages has become more and more popular. Emoticons help us to add meta-information transferring irony and emotions. If it is not possible to listen to the voice messages, there are already services transcribing them and sending them back in text format. However, in the static text of the transcription, meta-information is lost and no emoticons help the receiver. WaveFont supports such a scenario. Using WaveFont even helps to decode irony as meta-information into the text.



  • Communication

Interactive Media

Songbooks in WaveFont support singing songs without the requirement of being able to read notes since loudness, pitch and speed are illustrated in a more comprehensible form and provide additional information to those who are able to read and interprete notes. WaveFont is also helpful to indicate how to sing in Karaoke.

Social Media



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